About Henderson County In Bloom Project

Henderson County has participated in the Program since 2014, earning 3 blooms out of 5, in 2015 and 2016 earning 4 blooms out of five. The judges visited communities of similar populations and spent two days touring each town, meeting municipal officials, residents, and volunteers. Other competitors in the 25,000 – 50,000 population category were Mansfield, OH; Saratoga, CA; and St. Charles, IL.


Henderson County received a 5-bloom rating out of a possible five blooms, or roughly 85% of the possible points. Special recognition was noted for the County’s Environmental Efforts. These environmental efforts noted in the evaluation included: The Park at Flat Rock, Sierra Nevada, North River Farms, Mills River Partnership, and the Veterans Healing. Henderson County also received a special award, “Best Example of Water-Wise Gardening.”


The America in Bloom committee is a non-profit organization that works year-round to improve our performance each year. The committee is made up of residents and elected officials from Laurel Park, Mills River, the City of Hendersonville, the Village of Flat Rock, and Henderson County. Each year there are rising costs in the America in Bloom entry fees, as well as room and board for the judges. Sponsorships help cover the costs and provide unique advertising opportunities for local business.


The America in Bloom program is an economic driver for Henderson County. Communities across the country use the America in Bloom profiles to recruit new businesses. Our prestigious Five Bloom rating can be a powerful promotional tool for local businesses, building up excitement for Henderson County